What is WeShareTheWord?

WeShareTheWord (WSTW) is a for profit ministry that provides a way for people to buy and sell Bible based products directly from one another. The WSTW marketplace is available for all types of Christian sellers and publishers. Here you can find a large list of products made by real people and for real people. These products include anything from a Bible study curriculum written by a youth pastor in Tennessee, a homeschool resource tool created by an experienced homeschool teacher in Alabama, and even Christian themed t-shirts designed by a college graduate in California. At WSTW our only requirement for sellers is that their content and messages be Biblically based. So for whatever product you’re looking to buy you can rest assured that it has God’s word in mind.

Who’s Behind WSTW?

WeShareTheWord was founded by Brad (insert last name) and Jeff (insert last name), who are a youth pastor and business man in (insert city), Alabama. Brad and Jeff are family men, committed believers, and entrepreneurs with a passion for spreading God’s word and the Gospel. Recognizing a need in the marketplace they established an E-Commerce website where Christians from all walks of life could list and sell Bible based products all over the world.

What’s the WSTW Mission?

To empower Chirstians to spread the message of God’s love to more people using digital technology and E-Commerce.